Special action Products


Physical protection against all types of stress


  • Total calcium (CaO): 20 % (w/w)
  • Total Magnesium (MgO): 0.3% (w/w)
  • Total silicon (SiO2): 20 – 22 % (w/w)


It is a flow formulated product based on calcium silicate. The calcium silicate, by its own chemical nature, has the property of absorbing moisture so it is used to reduce the amount of free water (dew, rain, fog, etc.) that is deposited on the aerial part of the crops, such as leaves, stems and fruits. It is also applied via irrigation and has a good rate of absorption and mobilisation towards the growing organs, forming a gel-silica barrier under the epidermis with preventive properties against attacks from different pests and fungi.


Foliar or root application. Does not require the use of wetting agents.

3 – 7 Kg per 1000 litres of water in foliar application, applying the highest doses in silicon consuming crops such as cereals. When mixed with CODICOBRE® it boosts its action against botrytis and mildew. In case of mixtures with other agrochemicals, it is recommended to reduce the pH of the broth around 7. In irrigation apply at 5 -10 Kg/Ha.


The compositions may differ according to the different regulations of each country.