Corrector Line


Fertilizer solution based on molybdenum and concentrated boron.


  • Total boron (B): 4 % (w/w) – 4,8 % (w/v)
  • Total molybdenum (Mo): 4 % (w/w) – 4,8 % (w/v)


CODIFOL-MB ® assures an optimal metabolism of nitrates guaranteeing a correct vegetative growth. It accelerates the photosynthesis translocation processes, of endogenous active principles (hormones) and also exogenous ones (agrochemicals, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers, etc.) from their synthesis or entry points to the plant, to the sap channels, through the cellular membranes.


Foliar applications 2-3 liters/ 1000 liters.

  • Fertirrigation 4 – 6 l / ha and cycle
  • In fruit trees: 1st application PREFLOWERING, 2nd fall of petals, 3rd end of fruit set and 4th half of the fattening of the fruit.
  • In vegetables: 1st application first full leaves, 2nd after 20 days, 3rd after 20 days.
  • In vineyards: 1st application at 3 – 4 leaves, 2nd before flowering.
  • On olive trees: 1st application before flowering, 2nd in mid-September.


The compositions may differ according to the different regulations in each country.