Edaphic calcium mobilizer WITHOUT NITRATES OR CHLORURES.


  • Total Calcium: 20 % (w/w)
  • Total Magnesium (MgO): 2 % (w/w)
  • pH: acid


CALCIAMEC® has been developed to enhance the root assimilation of Calcium even in adverse conditions of stress. Its application helps to prevent and correct problems of firmness, integrity and flexibility in the young fruit tissues, especially in post-harvest, thus delaying all senescence processes. It controls and regulates the natural mechanisms of root nutrition during phases of maximum need. Its rapid and marked effectiveness is the result of its Calcium content combined with low molecular weight organic dicarboxylic acids and the contents of the AMEC® molecule. DOES NOT CONTAIN NITRATES OR CHLORIDES.


CALCIAMEC® is a product designed to be applied via soil in all crops. Apply 3 kg/ha/week in the stages of maximum demand of Calcium.


The compositions can differ according to the different regulations of each country.