Manufacturing lines


The new production centre has a surface area of more than 10,000 m2 and is divided into several sections optimised for the production of liquid and solid fertilisers and flows, all equipped with machinery of the latest technology.

A differential value that makes us leaders in the market is the strong investment in R+D+i that makes the company a reference within the sector. Thus, the factory has an organic synthesis plant for the production of our molecules called AMEC®.

We also have a logistics warehouse equipped with the most modern digital warehouse
management systems.


After several years of Research and Development Codiagro designed, synthesised and patented the AMEC® molecules. This is an organic synthesis plant for the production of the AMEC® modified carboxylic acids.


In the control laboratory, all production lots in each section are analytically controlled. This is possible thanks to the availability of modern and versatile state-of-the-art analysis equipment such as an ICP-OES, HPLC Chromatography and other equipment for the diagnosis of physicochemical parameters important for the standardisation of product quality.


The agronutrient section consists of several chemical reactors with variable mechanical agitation. The dosage control of the raw materials is carried out by means of computer-controlled gravimetric control. The entire manufacturing process is fully automated and managed by computer through our Management and Production Software, to ensure optimal quality of our finished product.


Our solid products section consists of several horizontal mixers as well as the latest technological advances in the manufacture of solid agronutrients such as a modern automatic packaging machine. The whole process is monitored and controlled by computer to ensure quality at all times.


From here we develop, among other products, the New Alcaplant ® (exclusive product of Codiagro). As the rest of the plant’s processes, the manufacturing process of concentrated suspensions or flows is totally automated, from the production to the final packaging and palletsing. It is a section composed of the latest technology in particle dispersion, mixing, grinding and micronising, with several high efficiency mills working in line to achieve the optimum particle size and the lowest particle size dispersion.

Codiagro has specialised and pioneered the use of sustainable packaging for concentrated suspensions. BiB packaging generates 10 times less waste than traditional jerricans or HDPE containers.


Given the company’s significant international expansion, it has technified product storage areas that allow it to respond quickly and efficiently to the customers’ demands anywhere in the world.