Natural hormone-free floral inductor for vegetables


  • Calcium (CaO): 4,7 % (w/w) – 5,4 % (w/v)
  • Total and chelated magnesium (MgO): 0,3 % (w/w) – 0,35 % (w/v)
  • Boron (B): 0,3 % (w/w) – 0,35 % (w/v)


FLORAMEC® is the non-hormonal flowering inductor for root application vegetables. It has been developed to have a greater number of flower points per plant, to achieve a greater flowering and more grouped with larger and more fertile flowers, to balance the vegetative development by shortening the internodes.


Application via the root.

Provide 10 litres/hectare in the first application (depending on the crop, 20-30 days after transplanting). Repeat the application 2 or 3 times when the flowering process needs to be reinforced. In hydroponics fractionate the application in the irrigations during 2 or 3 days


The compositions can differ according to the different regulations of each country.