Calcium in its pure form


  • Total calcium (CaO): 35 % (w/w) – 51 % (w/v)


ALCAPLANT NEW ® is the simplest solution to the problem of Calcium supply to the soil and plants. It replaces with advantage any traditional way of supplying Calcium (Sulphates, Nitrates or Chlorides) thanks to a very fluid formulation developed to adapt to any irrigation system.


ALCAPLANT New® is a product intended for application via soil in all types of soils and all crops.

Before applying it, shake well the content of the bag and disperse it in an equal volume of water and shake vigorously. Pour the resulting dispersion into the fertilizer tank filled with water and with the agitation being applied. Apply weekly 3-5 Kg/hectare until reaching an annual consumption of 50-100 kg/ha/year.


The compositions can differ according to the different regulations of each country.

Alcaplant can be commercialized with other brands according to the country. In Chile it is marketed as MAGNIFIC Ca FLOW®.