P.M.S. 5X®

Photosynthetic and root carrier activator


  • Iron (Fe): 3 % (w/w) – 3,6 (w/v)


P.M.S.5X ® is a powerful formula developed to increase root absorption of nutrients. Its high and marked effectiveness is due to its high content of low molecular weight organic acids and the AMEC® molecule.


P.M.S.5X ® is a product designed to be applied via soil in all crops, especially in hydroponics.

Apply with the irrigation water 1-2 l/hectare/week throughout the cycle.

  • In mixtures with chelates apply 0,5-1 l for each kg of chelate applied
  • In hydroponics, distribute regularly 2-3 l/ha/week including the product in the mother nutritive solution.


The compositions can differ according to the different regulations of each country.