Highly concentrated root physio-stimulant


  • Free L-Amino acids: 53 % (w/w)
  • Total Nitrogen (N): 12,5 % (w/w)
  • Total Phosphorus (P2O5): 13% (w/w)
  • Potassium (K2O): 15 % (w/w)
  • acidic pH


CODIORGAN A-50 ® is a solid soluble concentrate of free, synthetic and biologically active amino acids. Its components joined to the AMEC® molecule stimulate the essential metabolic functions facilitating the formation of proteins and the cellular division. It is an excellent carrier for the application of agrochemicals (fungicides, correctors, etc).


CODIORGAN A-50® is a product designed to be applied especially via soil but also via foliar in all crops.

– In the periods of necessity to increase the development and the root activity, apply via irrigation 1-2Kgs/ha/week.

– In foliar applications provide 1-2 Kgs/ 1000 l. It is advisable to use a non-ionic wetting agent.


The compositions can differ according to the different regulations of each country.