Special action Products


Organic cryoprotector for foliar use


  • Potassium (k2O): 8 % (w/w) – 9,6 % (w/v)
  • Boron (B): 0,2 % (w/w) – 0,25 % (w/v)


ODIFROST PLUS is a cryoprotective stimulant with a high content of potassium polyglycolates, natural betaine glycine and vitamins. It also contains osmoregulating carbohydrates.


This product is recommended by foliar application, in all crops, to protect from frost. It should be sprayed 24-48 hours before frost is expected.

  • Vegetables: apply 3 -5 litres / 1000 litres of water.
  • Fruit trees: apply 5 litres / 1000 litres of water.

It is recommended to use CODIORGAN-GLB at 2 Kg/ha/application by irrigation, to complement the effect of CODIFROST PLUS when severe and persistent frosts are foreseen. For use on VINES, consult the technical service.


The compositions may differ according to the different regulations of each country.