We control the waste level

Codiagro, leader in the Manufacturing of Agronutrients for Crops sector, has obtained the Integrated Environmental Authorization given by  the Regional Ministry of Environment. This authorization gives the company the permission to work on a whole installation or any of its parts for environmental or human health purposes. Some conditions have to be fulfilled to ensure  that this facility meets the purpose and requirements to obey the Law 16/2002 on Integrated  Prevention and Control of Pollution.

On June 7th, 2007 Codiagro obtained this authorization  under the following conditions: control of atmospheric emissions, compliance of the limit values and communication to the EPER Register, as well as the realization of an emissions audit made by an authorized company. An acoustic audit had to be done too. They had to stay within the stablished noise levels and control waste. Moreover, Codiagro does not dump any industrial waste water, only sewage.

Finally, they have valued the work of Codiagro in the management and production of waste control having done a plan to minimize them. In the  new facilities a control to prevent Legionnaire’s disease is carried out too.