The natural antioxidant of plants


CODIORGAN GLB contains free, synthetic and biologically active amino acids. CODIORGAN GLB is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects plants during moments of water imbalances caused by the stress due to climatic adverse conditions (cold, heat, etc…).


CODIORGAN GLB use is recommended for:
Stimulate activity in times of stress.
Avoid flower bleed when environmental conditions are adverse.
Prevent “cracked” of fruit due to osmotic imbalances.
Protect against excessive cold or heat.


CODIORGAN GBL is a product designed for foliar or radicular application on all crops.
The general dose for foliar application is 2-4 Kg/Ha.
To improve fruit set in horticultural do foliar apply with dose 2.5 Kg/Ha.
It is compatible with most products on the market except those containing sulfur, copper and mineral oils.