Molybdenum and boron based fertiliser solution.


CODIFOL-MB ® ensures optimum nitrate metabolism, guaranteeing good vegetative growth. It accelerates photosynthate translocation of main active endogenous (hormones) and exogenous (agrochemicals, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers, etc.) from the plant’s point of entry or synthesis, up to the sap channels through cell membranes.


CODIFOL-MB ® can be used in foliar applications and also in fertigation.


Foliar applications 2-3 litres/1000 litres.
• Fertigation 4-6 l/ha and cycle.
• On fruits: 1st application before flowering, 2nd on petal drop, 3rd end of setting and 4th half way through fruit sizing.
• On vegetables: 1st application on first complete leaves, 2nd after 20 days, 3rd 20 days later.
• On vineyards: 1st application on 3-4 leaves, 2nd before flowering.
• On olive trees: 1st before flowering, 2nd in mid-September.