Improves the availability of nutrients for crops.


P.M.S.5X ® is a powerful formula developed to increase root absorption of nutrients. Its high and noticeable efficiency is due to its high content of low-molecular-weight organic acids and the AMEC® molecule.


The use of P.M.S.5X ® is recommended to:
• Stimulate root development and improve the absorption of all elements in all crops in optimal and adverse conditions.
• Enhance the effectiveness of chelates.
• Encourage the assimilation of cationic elements in hydroponics crops.


P.M.S.5X ® is a product designed for soil application on all crops, especially hydroponics.
Apply with irrigation water 1-2 l/ha/week throughout the cycle.
• In application mixed with chelates, apply 0.5-1 l per Kg of chelate applied
• For hydroponics, regularly distribute 2-3l/ha/week, adding the product in nutrient solutions.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: MAGNIFIC-5X