Bio-stimulant with a high concentration of free amino acids.


FULVIGIN® is a foliar fertiliser with special amino acid content, which is very effective and useful for plants. It has a significant percentage of fully absorbable amino acids that favour and stimulate the development and growth of plant organs in division. It boosts phytosanitary, herbicide and foliar nutrient product effects, and increases treatment effectiveness.


• Improve plant metabolism when it is needed the most: budding, flowering, ripening, maturation, etc.
• Boost phytosanitary, herbicide and foliar nutrient product effects, and act as penetrator, adding a surface-active effect that improves the solution’s distribution.
• Stimulate root activity and development in every kind of soil and crop.


In foliar applications, and together with other phytosanitary products, apply 2-3 litres/ha in stages with high plant activity (budding, flowering, setting, etc.). It can also be applied to limit stress effects caused by adverse environmental conditions.
Apply 5 litres/ha/week through irrigation during periods of high need to increase root development and activity.