Hormone-free excessive fruit fall inhibitor.


AGROXIGREEN-Mg® is a product that stimulates plant metabolism. It has been especially designed to hydrolyse and mobilise carbohydrate reserves in plants to have them available for recently set fruits in the photo-assimilated maximum competence stages. Its fast and noticeable efficiency is caused by the union of the nutrients with the low-molecular-weight organic acids and the contents in the AMEC® molecule.


The use of AGROXIGREEN-Mg® is recommended to:
• Speed up and promote plant metabolism in the critical stage when there is a high carbohydrate demand once the fruits are already set (limit physiological falling).
• Come off stress situations caused by hail, wind, high temperatures, frost, salinity, phytotoxicity, etc.


AGROXIGREEN-Mg® is a product designed for foliar application on all ligneous crops in which there is a risk of excessive fall of set fruit: olive, citrus, fruit, etc..
• Apply 4l/1,000 litres of water, right after the setting phase. Repeat the treatment after 10-15 days.
• To come off stress situations, apply 5 l/1000 litres of water. In this case a single application should be enough.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: MAGNIFIC-FIX