Natural product against plant stress.


HIDROSTRESS-40®  is a neutral potassium carboxylate based product, very rich in natural betaine from “beta vulgaris”. This gives the product an osmoprotective synergic effect that prevents certain physiopathies related to osmotic imbalance and plant stress.


Recommended for:
-Improving nutrient absorption from the roots.
-Increasing resistance to high or low temperatures and salinity. Browning of bananas in the cold.
-Reducing the splitting or cracking of fruit when these types of imbalances occur.
-Avoiding flower abortion at times of high abiotic stress.
-Improving and producing a more homogenous colouring of fruits.


Primarily intended for foliar application on all crops.
Horticultural foliar dose: 3-5 litres/ha
Fruit and vine foliar dose: 4-8 litres/ha
Through irrigation: we recommend using CODIORGAN-GLB®