Conditioner for soils with salinity problems.


SAL-WAX Ca® is formulated with a high organic content of calcium carboxylates. It has been developed to activate roots, to optimise Calcium nutrition, to protect Star plants from salinity, to condition the soil and to improve water and nutrient uptake and transport mechanisms in the plant.


The use of SAL-WAX Ca® is recommended to:
•Increase root growth and increase the absorption and transport of water and nutrients to the plant.
•Mobilise Calcium in the soil and optimise Calcium nutrition.
•Protect the plant and condition the soil in saline conditions.


SAL-WAX Ca® is a is a radicular application product for all kinds of crops.
To increase root growth and calcium nutrition, apply 1-2Kg/ha up to an annual consumption of 20-30 Kg/ha.
To protect the plant against salinity, apply 2-3Kg/ha weekly up to an annual consumption of 30-50 Kg/ha

Registered in COSTA-RICA as: SAL-WAX MAX