A new method of nitrogen supply through radicular application


AGROXILATO-N® is an organic fertiliser with a high content of ammonium carboxylates. It has been developed to ensure efficient and rapid assimilation of nitrogen, especially in low root activity conditions due to low temperatures, waterlogging or salinity.


The use of AGROXILATO-N® is recommended to:
• Enhance root uptake of nitrogen by plants in the fastest possible way, in times of high crop need.
• Encourage nitrogen assimilation in low root activity conditions due to cold, flooding, or other types of stress.


AGROXILATO-N is a product designed for radicular application on all crops.
Apply 5-6 l/ha/week in phases of high nitrogen assimilation need, especially in times of low root activity and plant inactivity due to adverse conditions.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: XILATO-N