Concentrated molybdenum solution.


CODIFOL-Mo-PLUS® plays an important physiological function in plants. Its high Mo content guarantees an optimal nitrate metabolism and correct vegetative growth.


The use of CODIFOL-Mo-PLUS® is recommended to:
Prevent and correct the symptoms caused by molybdenum deficiency in all crops.
Improve Nitrogen assimilation, mainly in in soils with excessive sulphates


CODIFOL-Mo-PLUS® is a product designed for foliar application on all crops. Applications of 0.5 to 1 litres/1000/ha are recommended. Apply treatment at times of maximum Nitrogen assimilation, beginning in the pre-flowering stage and continuing throughout the vegetative development and fruit sizing. Apply 2-4 times throughout the cultivation process. Perform 2-4 applications in total throughout the crop.