Organic Boron corrector.


CODIBOR-L® is a Boron organic corrector. It is presented as 100% complexed with ethanolamine, which gives it higher solubility and assimilation.


The use of CODIBOR-L® is recommended to:
Prevent and correct Boron deficiency symptoms in every kind of crop.
Improve plant fertility
Improve cellular walls formation, mainly in fruits.


CODIBOR-L® is a product designed for foliar or radicular application on all crops.
In foliar treatments, 2 to 4 applications of 1-2 litres/1000/ha is recommended, starting with a pre-flowering application followed by 1 or 2 applications after flowering. In deciduous fruit trees, to improve lignification and accelerate entry into dormancy, apply 4 litres/1000/Ha in the leaf drop phase.
In soil applications, apply 3 litres/ha through irrigation per application.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: XILATO-BOR-PLUS