The most effective solution in foliar calcium nutrition.


NUTRICALE® has been developed to prevent and correct firmness, integrity and flexibility problems in young fruit tissues and developing plants. In general, it prevents physiological damage related to poor calcium absorption (Tip Burn, Blotching, Cracking, Blossom End Rot, etc.). Its combination with organic acids reduces transpiration and increases phenols and pectates in the cell wall, providing the plant with stress resistance.


NUTRICALE® is recommended to:
Improve cellular constitution in the pre-flowering and fruit setting stages, and prevent stress caused by high temperatures.


NUTRICALE® is a foliar application product for use on any type of crop.
Apply 2-3 l/1000l/ha every 7-12 days from pre-flowering to fruit formation.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: XILATO-Ca