The safest foliar nitrogen.


CODIGREEN® is a fertiliser with a high organic ammonium carboxylate content. It contains low-molecular-weight carboxylates for foliar use developed by Codiagro.


The use of CODIGREEN is recommended to:
• Provide nitrogen through leaves in an absorbable and safe way.
• Improve cell division in key developmental periods of plant and productive organs.
• Reduce alternation problems in foliar treatments at the time of floral induction of ligneous species.


CODIGREEN® is a product designed for foliar application on all crops: vegetables, and ligneous, citrus and ornamental crops, etc.
•On vegetables Apply 2.3 litres/ha in the phase that nitrogen assimilation is needed the most.
•On citrus trees apply 5-7 litres/ha during the winter
•On post-harvest fruit apply 5-7litres/ha
•On olive trees apply 5-7 litres/ha after falling in June-July.