The more concentrated formula of BOROCAL.


BOROCAL-PLUS®is the BOROCAL® formula in the form of soluble solid with the highest concentration of active ingredients and dicarboxylates.


The use of BOROCAL-PLUS® is recommended to:
• Prevent stress caused by transplant.
• Improve cellular constitution in the pre-flowering and fruit setting stages
• Prevent physiological damage associated with calcium assimilation
• Favour the setting of colour in table grape, pome fruits and stone fruits.


BOROCAL-PLUS® is a product designed for foliar application on all crops. Apply 2-3 K/1000l/hectare every 7-12 days from pre-flowering to complete fruit formation. Apply the same dose to prevent transplant stress.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: XILATO FORT