Planta de produccion Codiagro


Our new facility is divided in several departments prepared for the production of liquid, solid and flow products. All these departments are equipped with state of the art machinery.

A differential value that makes us leaders of the market is the great amount of funds put into R+D+i which make the company a referent in its sector. To keep up with this, the plant has got a department dedicated to the organic synthesis of our AMEC® molecules.

We also have a logistic warehouse equipped with the latest warehouse management systems.


Linea de envasado de Alcaplant New

Vista interior planta de producción en Vall d'Alba.


The department of liquid products (SalWax®, AgroxilatoK®, Greenup® etc.), has several chemical reactors (heating/cooling) with mechanic shakers. The dosage and weighting control of the raw materials is carried out by gravimetric control. The whole fabrication process is completely automated and managed with our Management and Production Software in order to ensure a high quality of the finished product.


Envasadora de Alcaplant New  Línea automática de envasado en 1 Litro  Equipo ICP OES - Laboratorio de control de calidad.


Our solid products department (Agroxilatos®, SalWax Calcio® etc.) has several horizontal mixers as well as the latest technology in solid agronutrient fabrication, such as a modern automatic packer. The whole process is monitorized and controlled electronically to ensure the quality of the final product.


From here we develop among other products our New Alcaplant® (exclusively made by Codiagro). Just like all of our products, the fabrication process of our Flows is completely automated. It’s a section equipped with the latest technologies in dispersion, mixing, grinding and micronized of particles.


After several years of research and development, Codiagro designed and synthesized the AMEC® molecules. We’ve dedicated an organic synthesis plant to the production of our AMEC® molecules.


We work with advanced logistic facilities perfectly divided into different areas for the reception and storage of raw materials and separated departments (national and export) for the final product, thus achieving one of our main goals, serving our clients.