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This product is registered by Codiagro

The AMEC molecule is the core of our products. It is the added value that makes our products different.

It is an exclusive product by Codiagro.

The AMEC molecule makes the transport and translocation of nutrients through the plant easier.

The AMEC molecule improves the plant performance.

It is completely biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly. In short, the AMEC molecule helps the plant working better. The AMEC acids, Codiagro exclusive products, as opposed to synthetic growth regulators and phytohormones, promote temporal physiological alterations which will cause a larger vegetal biomass. This improvement, in performance and production terms, produces a wide response to the environmental conditions. These acids give Codiagro products some special characteristics that enable them to reduce some of the limiting factors of the yield such as different kinds of stress. AMEC acids increase nutritional performance of micro and macro nutrients, help inducing a more efficient metabolic mechanism in  plants, induce the natural defense mechanisms and reduce the damage caused by external biotic agents, such as fungi, bacteria, phytophagous mite, etc. In short, AMEC acids contribute significantly to plants health.