Improving your crops since 1978

CODIAGRO has been working in the agricultural sector since 1978. It’s Spain leader in the agronutrient manufacturing sector. It has always been focused on the research work and an exhaustive quest of the most technically advanced agricultural solutions, always with the maximum respect for the environment.

From the beginning, CODIAGRO seeks the answers to every problem of the crops in the vegetable physiology and not in the abusive use of chemicals and fertilizers.

Our goal is to support in a non aggressive way the nutrition and exploitation of the plants in order to obtain the top production and the highest quality of the fruits.

Our particular vision of agronutrients and their application in agriculture has forced us to design patents and technical processes in order to create products and precise solutions that are truly innovative and revolutionary in their concepts and their way of working, always focusing on production and quality.
This innovative spirit can be seen in the internationalization of our products in more than 20 countries. To achieve this ambitious project the company has moved to Vall d’Alba (Castellón) to its new facilities of over 86.000 sq ft equipped with state of the art technology used in the departments of production, logistics and R+D+I (Research + Development + Innovation)