Double biostimulant with amino acids and seaweed.


AMINOG-AL® is a formula that mixes a high content in free amino acids with rich seaweeds extracts from the Ascophyllum nodosun species. This combination induces a biostimulant effect in plant metabolism caused by the effect of the highly reactive amino acids together with the polysaccharides and natural components from the seaweed extract.


The use of AMINOG-AL® is recommended to:
• Activate and stimulate a higher and more regular vegetative growth
• Promote a higher development and fertility in flowers
• Activate fruit growth and development, thus getting a greater caliber and more precociousness in fruits
• In general, stimulate plants at times when it is most needed and help them overcome stress situations (low temperatures, water stress, phytotoxicities, etc.)


AMINOG-AL® is a product designed especially for foliar application on all crops.
•Apply  0,5 – 1 litros/1000 l in the most active phases (budding, flowering, setting, etc.) or to limit the effects of stress due to adverse environmental conditions.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: XILATO ALGAS