High concentration radicular biostimulant.


CODIORGAN A-50® is a concentrate with free, synthetic and biologically active amino acids. Its components, together with the AMEC® molecule, stimulate the vital functions, helping the formation of proteins and the cellular division.


The use of CODIORGAN A-50® is recommended to:
Stimulate root activity and development in all kinds of soils and crops. Increase the biological activity around the root and improve its activity (development, absorption, etc.)
Improve the plant metabolism in times of high need: budding, flowering, setting, ripening, etc.


CODIORGAN A-50® is a product intended for soil application, but it can be used in foliar applications on any kind of crop.
• During times of need, to increase development and activity in roots, apply with irrigation water 1-2Kgs/ha/week.
• In foliar applications, allow for 1-2 kg/1000 l

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: RADISOL-A-53