Calcium in its purest state.


ALCAPLANT NEW ® is the simplest solution to the Calcium supply problem, both for soil and plants. It is far superior than any traditional way of supplying Calcium (Carbonates, Sulfates, Nitrates or Chlorides) thanks to its flow formula, which has been developed to adapt to any problem related to Calcium in the soil.


• Supply Calcium to crops in any kind of soil and prevent all problems and physiological damage related to Calcium.
• Correct the PH and the structure of acidic soils and increase the availability of Calcium and immobilise toxic elements, such as Aluminium, Manganese, etc.
• Increase permeability in sodium-saline soils, moving the Sodium and increasing its leaching with irrigation water. Favour the absorption of most nutrients, especially Potassium.


ALCAPLANT New® is a product designed for soil application in all types of soils and crops.
Before applying, shake the contents of the bag well and disperse its contents in an equal volume of water and shake vigorously. Pour the resulting dispersion in a fertiliser tank full of water with the shakers on. Apply 3 to 5 kg/ha weekly up to an annual consumption of 50-100 kg/ha/year

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: MAGNIFIC-Ca-FLOW