Radicular application fruit sizing stimulator.


AGROXILATO-K® is a fertiliser with high organic content of Potassium carboxilate. It has been developed to guarantee an efficient and fast assimilation of Potassium, even in situations of saline stress. Its application through the soil regulates and improves the osmotic pressure in the roots, which allows a better uptake of water and nutrients and its distribution from the
roots to the rest of the plant. During the fruit sizing period, AGROXILATO-K® improves the final size and increases the contents of sugar in the fruit.


The use of AGROXILATO-K® is recommended to:
• Stimulate the uptake of Potassium through the roots in the fastest and most absorbable way in the most demanding stages of the crop.
• Improve the uptake of water and increase the final size of the fruit.
• Improve turgidity and the content of sugar in the fruit.
• Reduce the saline stress effects and the final quality of the fruit.


AGROXILATO-K® is a radicular application product for all crops: vegetables, ligneous crops, citrus trees, ornamentals, etc.
Apply 1-2l/ha/day during the fruit sizing stage, together with potassium mineral fertiliser, up to an annual consumption of 30-50 l/ha. The doses may be merged in weekly applications.

Registered in PERÚ – CHILE as: RADISOL-K