Plants are not growth in optimal conditions during their whole cycle, but they are suffering different adverse situations that promote on them different kind of stress that avoid them to achieve their maximum yield. Optimal physiological/genetic point differs from optimal ecological point so each plant have to adapt itself to its environment.

When any environment issue changes affecting to the plant´s biochemical and physiological response, abiotic stress is considered. When this abiotic stress occurs plants can occasionally suffer damages or injuries. In general, stress situations cause a series of compensatory physiological changes in plants that are aimed at maintaining the vital conditions of the organism.

Homeostasis is the ability of organisms to maintain their functions within their normal values, when a moderate disturbance displaces them from them.

Cold, heat, salinity and dehydration are the main causes of environmental stress and the adaptability of each crop or plant variety to these natural alterations will determine its production to a greater or lesser extent and even, in the most extreme cases, the death of the plant.

To date it has been difficult to combat these negative effects, but at present products such as HIDROSTRESS-40® are a great help to increase the natural tolerance to these types of stress.

In addition, HIDROSTRESS-40® has been qualified and certified as an organic product under EU and JAS standards. At present it is an excellent aid to organic farming, even more sensitive than traditional farming to these negative phenomena.