Improves the vegetal
tissue structure in fruits.

  • More strength and consistency.
  • More elasticity of the skin.
  • Less transpiration.
  • More quality and life post-harvest of the fruits. 



  • Total Calcium Oxide (CaO) ……… 10 % W/W
  • Water-soluble Calcium Oxide ….….. 10 % W/W
  • Total Magnesium Oxide (MgO)…….0.5 % W/W
  • Water-soluble Magnesium Oxide…...0.5 % W/W
  • Water-soluble Boron …………………0.3 % W/W
  • AMEC® organic acids contents


BOROCAL NEW® is the new BOROCAL® formula in a Flow form that improves its miscibility with other products and also its adhesion to plant tissues. It is a Calcium carboxylate with totally active Boron contents formed by the low molecular weight organic acids and the AMEC® molecule contents.It has been developed to prevent and correct firmness, integrity and flexibility problems in fruits young tissues and developing plants. Its Boron special form takes part in the future Calcium fixing points in the cellular walls determation. This is fundamental to prevent Calcium deficiencies and its serious consequences (Tip Burn, blotching, cracking, Blossom end rot,...) and improves fruits and its post-harvest life quality. 

The use of BOROCAL NEW® is recommended to:

  • Prevent stress caused by transplant (Vegetables, strawberries, etc.)
  • Improve cellular constitution in the pre-blossoming and pre-setting stages avoiding the stress caused by high transpiration.
  • Prevent any physiopathy associated with Calcium assimilation (lack of strength, blotching….)
  • Favour the setting of colour in table grape, stone fruits and pipe fruits.


BOROCAL NEW® is a product of foliar application on all crops: vegetables, woody crops, citrus, ornamentals …

Apply 2-3 l/1000l/hectare every 7 to 12 days from pre blossoming until the total formation of the fruit. Apply the same dose in order to prevent transplant stress.

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