Calcium at its purest state

  • The best Calcium nutrient for plants.
  • Ideal in acid and sodium-saline soils.
  • More strength for all fruits.


  • Total Calcium Oxide (CaO) ……… 35 % W/W
  • Neutralizing value..………………… 35 


ALCAPLANT New® is the easiest solution to the Calcium supply problem, both to the soil and the plants. It is far superior than any traditional way of supplying Calcium (Carbonates, Sulfates, Nitrates or Chlorides) thanks to its formulation developed to adapt itself to any problem related to Calcium in the soil. Its presentation in flowable form and its high content in Calcium make Alcaplant the first mineral Calcium that is possible to use by fertirrigation and direct injection to the floor.

The use of ALCAPLANT New® is recommended to:

  • Supply Calcium to the crops in any kind of soil and prevent all problems and physiopathies related to Calcium.
  • Correct the PH and the structure of acidic soils, increase the availability of Calcium and immobilize the toxic elements, such as Aluminium, Manganese, etc. …
  • Increase the permeability in sodium-saline soils, moving the Sodium and increasing its leaching with the water from irrigation. Favour the absorption of most nutrients, specially Potassium.


ALCAPLANT New® is a product of soil application for all soils and crops.

Shake well the contents of the bag, disperse its content in an equal volume of water and shake vigorously. Pour the dispersion in the fertilizer tank full of water and with the shakers on. Inject the final suspension into the watering network as soon as possible. The concentration of the final dispersion should be around 2.5%.

From the beginning of the season, and depending on the type of soil, apply weekly 3-5 Kg/hectare up to an annual consumption of 50-100 kg/Ha/year.

In case of problems of high salinity or acidity of the soil, check with the Technical Department at Codiagro

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